What to Pack for a Bed and Breakfast Stay

Bed and breakfasts have the unique British feel to them that seems to go hand in hand with a countryside or small town getaway. With home comforts and a general atmosphere of familiarity, there’s plenty that your bed and breakfast can provide for you. Here are some dos and don’t when it comes to packing for a bed and breakfast stay.

  • Toiletries: generally, you will be provided with everything you need likw toiletries or cosmetics, but it’s always a good idea to bring spares in case the toiletries aren’t to your liking or you have any particular dermatological needs. Provided items will include shampoo, conditioner, soap or shower gel, hand soap, and towels. You will however need to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Electronics: most of these are on you. While you’ll usually be provided with a hairdryer, it’s a good idea to call and check in advance so you aren’t packing an unnecessary, heavy item in your case. Chargers for electrical devices aren’t provided, neither are shavers or razor, although there should be plenty of outlets in the room and bathroom.
  • Beach gear: you’d be surprised to know many Bnbs located by the beach will have a room stocked with beach gear like deck chairs, beach umbrellas, and toys for the kids. Call and check in advance before lugging everything with you.
  • Bikes: if you’re a cycling kind of family that prefer their own wheels and it’s easy enough to attach them to the car, then fine. If you just fancy a trip out in the open air for one day, it’s likely your bnb provides bikes for rental or simply borrowing when needed. Ask in advance and see if they have anything available, which many places do in an effort to improve the green rating of an accommodation.