Travel Games to Pass the Time

There are lots of ways to entertain yourself for a trip nowadays. From books to crosswords, music to podcasts, and even watching a feature-length movie of your choice. Travel games is another way of not only relaxing but engaging your brain to fight that sluggish, drowsy feeling that often comes over you en route to your destination.

  • Word games

Many word games require nothing more than a pen, a piece of paper, and a good imagination. From Scattergories to Hangman, there are tonnes of word games that you and your travel partner can engage in to keep yourselves amused for hours with minimal effort.

  • Puzzles and crosswords

Pop to the nearest newsagents and pick up a puzzle book for an easy way to pass the time. A small book can be packed full of crosswords, puzzles, sudokus, and other brain teasers, so you can share the fun or pass the time solo.

  • Online games

Got a games console or computer device? Log on to your favourite gaming platform or website for entertainment that will engage your brain as well as pass the time. You can play online slots like a real vip, and win real money while you’re between places. You can also test your knowledge with an online quiz, or find a crossword or puzzle online. You’ll soon forget you’re even travelling at all as you fire away those synapses.

  • Board games

You can always go retro with a travel board game that’s small enough to fit in your hand luggage. Board games are always useful and never go out of fashion, so why throw them away? If you have the room, fit them in and bring them along. They’re especially useful for little ones if you’re not a fan of them staring at a blue screen for hours on end.