The Benefits of Tourism

The word tourism can often be a loaded one. Connotations of lazy people speaking loudly in their native language, travelling in groups, staying in resorts, and desecrating special sights in their wake. But tourism can be a very important element to help a place thrive. Here are some ways tourism can benefit an area.


This is benefit number one, for obvious reasons. Tourism equals money. Visitors spend their holiday cash on accommodation, food, sightseeing, transportation, and everything in between. This brings money into a town or city, which in turn can benefit everyone.


It’s important to keep the culture of a place alive to show tourists, as a way of spreading awareness of this culture, sharing and celebrating it with them. Tourists look for something different to take away from a destination, and the sharing of culture is a way of connecting people, and inviting more people to visit.


Culture and food are often interlinked. Is there a food connected to a certain destination? Show it off. Offering cooking classes, farm visits, or simply selling a niche food item at every market and street vendor is a great way of bringing in revenue and spreading your culture. The more organically connected to the culture and people, the better. People love buying ‘straight from the farmer’.


The more tourists there are, the more employment there is. From hotels and bars to restaurants and shops, employment will be on the up with an influx of visitors to cater for. Raising employment is one of the best ways to benefit an area.


With all this extra money coming in, importance will be placed on buildings and transportation. Channeling money into infrastructure will bring in more visitors and benefit the local community, making it easier for people to get around and appreciate the beauty of a place.